Skya Inc.
Skya Inc.

Software and Systems for a Connected World

Affordable, global connectivity makes new applications, increased efficiency and better quality at lower costs a reality.


A start-up provider of engineering services for systems and software development

With a strong focus on innovation in technology and processes. Our strength lies in connecting different aspects of technical and applied computer science to help achieve the success of your project. We have expertise in multiple branches of IT including embedded software, firmware for all sorts of devices, mobile applications, the corresponding server components and back-end services. This expertise and our extensive experience in development allow us to offer our customers new options and opportunities while keeping risks, quality, deadlines and costs all under strict control. Our services range from pure consulting to the development of complete systems, depending on your needs.

Jonas Koch, Founder

Skya was founded by Jonas Koch at the end of 2015. Jonas is passionate about software engineering and has more than ten years' experience in professional software development in companies ranging from start-ups to established international corporations but always with a focus on innovating new products and services. He has created device software, designed platforms for product families, software for process control in safety-critical areas, and systems for mobile resource planning, among other projects. Jonas also brings wide experience working with rail-based transport systems and aircraft ground handling.

Native Android™ applications

Technical, mobile applications for professional use are one of our main fields of activity. Android has become firmly established in recent years as the open-source operating system of choice for providing productivity applications to a defined group of users. The Java™-based system delivers the interactive experience users expect and can fully support the demands placed by modern technologies. The underlying Linux® kernel provides a solid runtime environment offering unlimited possibilities of reusing an extensive existing codebase. With several years’ experience developing Android applications on a variety of devices, we deliver solid, efficient results for even the most complex applications.

Back-End services

The networking of systems and processes takes place nowadays at many levels. Simple client-server architectures are rarely able to handle today's process scenarios. That's why we rely on slim micro-services when developing back-ends because they offer universal machine-to-machine interfaces and can be used by a wide variety of clients as well as other services in the enterprise.
Our development is primarily based on lightweight Java environments without classic containers, which enables streamlined services for high-performance applications and contributes perfectly to the ongoing convergence of mobile and web technologies.

Embedded software

In the age of the internet of things, software is omnipresent and is becoming increasingly complex, especially as systems become more and more interconnected. With our experience developing conventional embedded software combined with our expertise in communications and system technologies, we develop software for equipment and apps for the full range of requirements. In addition to productive software for devices, we also offer consult on hardware design issues to deliver optimal support for modern, performant software stacks.

Communications technology

Communication is the linchpin of many modern systems and applications. After many years with established communications standards in system integration, the market is once again faced with challenges that for a long time have been pushed into the background. Mobile phones and other networked devices with limited resources require more efficient protocols, particularly if the equipment is battery-powered or is intended to provide a particularly cost-effective interface. With our many years of experience in TCP/IP communications, we can assess the effectiveness of your existing protocols and develop a plan for the communication technologies needed for new applications. If necessary, we can also develop new, specific protocols for your project.